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Computer Networking
Southpaw Networking
How a Clean Network Can Help Your Business

We offer simple computer networking solutions for both residential and commercial applications, using “On Q Legrand” routers, patch panels and communications systems we can provide you with a Structured Data System in your home, or a system that can be used for Point to Point Digital intercom systems, video surveillance/ security systems, whole house audio distribution, and Ethernet.

Let us revamp your network to make your system run smoother and more efficiently. We offer the latest in technologies and equipement at the best prices in Colorado.

So call us today to see how we can clean up your network and make your business run to the efficiency you require to excel your business.


The On-Q/Legrand Network System offers an organized approach to low voltage communications wiring distribution in the residential housing market. Several service center enclosure sizes cover the complete range of home and apartment sizes and desired functionality. An array of snap-in modules support telephone, data, local area network (LAN), audio and video services of all types.
In addition, home management system controllers are an option to control security, lighting, energy and other conveniences. The modular design permits customization to homes of all sizes and application needs, such as for home office (fax, modem, Internet), entertainment (music, sound video), control of heating and cooling, sophisticated security with cameras (CCTV), programmed lighting and more.

The infrastructure for home automation begins with structured wiring. Search through our selection of discount structured wiring enclosures from Leviton, OnQ and other structured wiring manufacturers to find the products necessary to begin your next automation project.

From innovative enclosures to high-performance connection outlets, On-Q products guarantee a smooth installation. Your home is a refuge from the world, a sanctuary from the elements, a place you can relax in comfort. Maximize your home living experience with innovative solutions from On-Q/Legrand. Let your family enjoy the convenience they want with the added peace-of-mind they need. On-Q/Legrand is changing the definition of home living.
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