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Fire Alarms  
Types of Fire Installations We Offer
Southpaw Electric Corporation is committed to safety and the safety of your home. We install the best systems available or something just as good within your budget. We meet and consult with trained fire professionals to make sure your home and our processes and equipement meet industry standards and that we have the most current technology to secure your home and family.

We proudly install “Silent Knight” fire alarm systems and can provide installation, as well as monitoring, testing and maintenance services.

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Slient Knight

Fire Alarm


Fire Alarm Control Panel supports up to 127 devices.

IntelliKnight 5808 FACP offers built-in digital communication that allows reporting of all system activity to remote monitoring location. Unit supports up to 127 addressable devices that allow user to pin-point device that has been activated and/or needs attention. Drift compensation, maintenance alert, and distributed power scheme simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements. Built-in RS-232 interface for programming to PC is also available.

Silent Knight Addressable Devices Click on the images below to view individual product pages. The product pages contain links to the product's documentation, including data sheets, manuals and other pertinent information.

At Southpaw Electric we offer both residential and commercial fire alarms systems, we can provide installation, monitoring, testing, and maintenance services. We proudly install “Ademco’s, Vista Series panels for UL listed residential Fire Alarm Systems, and “Silent Knight” products for Commercial Addressable Installations.



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